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Top Five Reasons to Schedule Your Patients with Your On-site BHM Today

Congratulations, your practice is part of an innovative cadre of forward-thinking clinics that integrate behavioral health.

Now touted as the leading national strategy, behavioral health integration continues to be the most effective way to increase access to mental health care and deliver better patient outcomes. By partnering with evolvedMD, you have likely seen the benefits firsthand, but having a therapist onsite is just the first step. To maximize impact, more primary care providers must entrust their patients with Behavioral Health Managers (BHMs).

To inspire passionate providers like you, here are the top five reasons to schedule your patients with a BHM today:

Elana_Clinic Staff CollabPrimary care staff and evolvedMD behavioral health specialists onsite
at a Valley-based primary care practice.

  1. You can save a life.

    Did you know that 64% of people who attempt suicide visit their doctor within a month before their attempt? It’s a heavy burden to bear knowing many patients suffer in silence, but together, we can put them on the fast track to healing.

    Primary care staff can spot the warning signs of anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation, but with evolvedMD’s on-site therapist, your primary care practice is now uniquely equipped to actually handle your patients in distress—immediately.

    Seven years into providing our services, evolvedMD has seen countless times how scheduling patients with our BHMs has helped mitigate the risk of worsening conditions and reduce the likelihood of patient crises such as suicidal ideation. We have also seen how our team has been able to deescalate patients in clinic and “lower the temperature” in a way that would not be possible without a mental health professional as part of the team.

  2. You have a comprehensive, expert team behind you.

    How do we help transform modern primary care practices into centers of excellence? Close and intentional collaboration.

    We provide you with a comprehensive team of trained clinicians to assess, treat, and consult on a diverse set of mental health needs, from pediatric to geriatric. You can rest assured that when you schedule a patient with your BHM, you are not only getting a licensed professional, but you are also getting an independently licensed clinician who helps oversee their work, a care coordination team (on site) to help connect patients to community resources if needed, and a Psychiatric Consultant for escalated needs and med management.

  3. You get more time to do what you do best.

    We know that these days, your time and bandwidth are more limited than ever, often only having just minutes with patients to assess their full scope of needs. And we would venture to guess that your most complicated and time-consuming patients are those with an underlying mental health condition.

    Our partnership ensures that those patients receive timely treatment by your on-site BHM, allowing you to focus on the physical health of your patients and leave behavioral health to the experts.

  4. You can learn more about your patients.

    When you participate in Psychiatric Collaborative Care (CoCM), you receive unparalleled and invaluable information about your patients because you now have a better and deeper understanding of their mental health. The beauty of our model is that physical and mental health are reviewed and assessed together with respective clinicians collaborating on the best care and treatment plan for your patients.

    We know that physical and mental health impact each other and that there is no such thing as a silo or vacuum of impact. With this holistic approach, there is a built-in, ongoing feedback loop that allows you to learn more about your patients to help you provide better whole-patient care.

  5. Your patients enjoy better outcomes.

    Did you know that reoccurring medical issues like A1C and medication adherence may be the result of untreated mental health issues? Our BHMs are not just there to help with anxiety and depression, they are there to collaborate with you on all issues that are keeping patients from thriving and living their healthiest lives. Additionally, Collaborative Care has long been tied to better patient outcomes than traditional care.

Bonus: You enjoy increased job satisfaction.

Evolving patient needs demand more from frontline healthcare workers like you. The increased demands on providers without the necessary support have caused an alarming increase in physician burnout (with 63% experiencing symptoms). When you’re saving lives and have a comprehensive team of behavioral health experts supporting you, not only will your patients enjoy better outcomes, but so will you. In other words, our collaborative partnership is a win-win for both patients and providers alike – enjoying increased satisfaction in both life and work.


With many of your colleagues already ardent champions of the program and seeing amazing success, we hope that you will schedule a patient or two today with your on-site BHM to not only save yourself some time in your already busy day, but possibly save a life as well.

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