Who is Managing Your Patients’ Behavioral Health?

evolvedMD is leading the integration of behavioral health services in modern primary care. Uniquely upfront and ongoing, our distinctive model not only places but embeds behavioral health specialists onsite at your practice. We offer an economically viable and better way to integrate behavioral health that ultimately drives improved patient outcomes.


Our Mission

Creativity, compassion and change drive us: we innovate and lead the integration of behavioral health services in modern primary care.
We believe in whole patient care: upfront and ongoing. We believe in a better way to integrate behavioral health.

Reduce Stigma & Normalize Behavioral Health


Deliver Best-In-Class Modern Care


Focus on Everyone

Our Story

Conceptualized in 2015 and launched in 2017, evolvedMD was established to address a family challenge encountered by one of our founders. Originally started as a primary care medication therapy management program, evolvedMD transformed into a behavioral health solution – once the urgent need was realized and sustainability was validated. The original pilot highlighted the prevalence of behavioral health challenges. Even though over 80% of the program’s chronically ill patients screened positive for depression, none of them had access to crucial resources.

Understanding the need to radically reimagine the traditional behavioral health model, evolvedMD pivoted to integrate behavioral health into primary care. Launched in 2017 to support the behavioral health needs of eight primary care providers (PCPs) across three sites, we continue to expand and now provide upfront and ongoing modern care for over 90 primary care providers across 20 sites with the ability to grow and scale exponentially.


Our Innovative Approach

Patients are best served when primary care and behavioral health work together. Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management (CoCM), the industry gold standard, is designed to help primary care providers meet their patients’ behavioral health needs. Clinically validated and patient-focused, this model significantly improves patient outcomes.

evolvedMD is dedicated to whole patient care. We are also committed to enhancing the traditional CoCM Model — ensuring patients receive seamless services. Clinics become a comprehensive solution for the full spectrum of physical and behavioral health services when evolvedMD is embedded.

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Our Founders

Radically different healthcare requires radically different minds. Meet our co-founders and managing partners. Learn about their backgrounds, journeys, and passion:

Erik Osland
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Steve Biljan
Managing Partner, evolvedMD

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Leading the Integration of Behavioral
Health Services in Modern Primary Care