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Top Five Benefits of evolvedMD’s Enhanced Psychiatric CoCM for Patients

Patients want access to affordable, high-quality mental health services so they can live happy, healthy lives. But a behavioral health professional shortage, stigma, the rising cost of care, and other factors prevent many from seeking professional help.

Anchored by our mission to reimagine behavioral health for all, evolvedMD recognizes the harrowing state of mental health in America, and we're committed to driving improved patient outcomes. How? By leveraging our enhanced Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) at the primary care practices we serve.

If you’re a CEO, Medical Director, or Primary Care Provider searching for solutions to treat your patients’ adverse mental health conditions, here are some big ways that evolvedMD’s enhanced Psychiatric CoCM can help.

What is evolvedMD’s enhanced Psychiatric CoCM?

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Our unique, onsite, and ongoing approach turns your practice into a comprehensive solution for the full spectrum of physical and behavioral health services. We place our behavioral health specialists onsite and in person (or virtual if needed) at each of the partner primary care practices we serve. And we fully embed them within a collaborative team led by a patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM not only benefits Primary Care Providers and their teams – it also leads to better patient outcomes.

How does evolvedMD’s enhanced Psychiatric CoCM benefit patients?

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  1. It Provides Comprehensive, Whole-Body Care
    It’s well documented that physical health problems can increase the risk of mental health problems, and vice versa. Knowing physical and mental health are interconnected, collaborative care is proven to be an effective method for tackling both. Through our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM, Primary Care Providers and their collaborative care teams (including a Psychiatric Consultant, our onsite licensed Behavioral Health Manager, and our in-house Care Coordination team), can address both physical and mental health conditions.

Patient Proof Point: “[Behavioral Health Manager] shared this great feedback from a patient recently. She stated the patient initially scored high on her GAD and PHQ but now her scores are much lower. The BHM stated she thanked the patient for coming back and participating in sessions. Patient responded with, "Easy to come back because there is not that stigma". This patient has gone on and referred other patients to the practice. Three patients were willing to establish new primary care to have therapy services with the BHM. It is so great to see how much the BHM influenced positive engagement for these patients for not only their mental health but likely getting established with a primary care practice and taking care of physical health, too.” – evolvedMD Clinical Manager

  1. It Reduces Stigma + Negative Attitudes
    Despite increasing awareness of therapy's benefits, stigma still deters many people from seeking professional help. Progress in reducing stigma around mental health has been slow, but our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM makes it easier than ever for patients to get the necessary help, without judgment. By embedding our licensed Behavioral Health Managers onsite and in person, patients can see a mental health professional in the same building as their PCP at the primary care practice they trust.

Patient Proof Point: "The patient stated he "Does not know why they sent me here (to see BHM), this is for people who are nuts". After the first session he agreed to come back. After the second session he said, "I come in here and I talk and I feel better." The patient stated he is also now making sure he makes his mental and physical health a priority.” – evolvedMD Clinical Manager

  1. It Identifies + Treats Adverse Mental Health Conditions Before They Become Severe
    Severe mental health conditions can be harder and more expensive to treat. It's obviously better to catch these conditions early on. And through our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM, PCPs proactively identify mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety using screening instruments like the PHQ-9 and GAD-7. After evaluation and assessment, the PCP can immediately connect its patients with one of evolvedMD’s onsite Behavioral Health Managers and begin treatment. Together, the collaborative care team then treats the full spectrum of physical and mental health conditions before they become severe, often connecting the patient to additional community resources.

Patient Proof Point: I was able to jump in and help see a patient at a clinic as our BHM was in another session and it was an urgent request. I was able to assess for SI and other factors and then speak with the family and get them in to see our BHM. The BHM has seen the patient and is working with him. It was such a smooth transition, and the provider was thrilled with how we could coordinate things and work with this family while she went back to seeing her patients. Love the work we do.” – evolvedMD Clinical Manager

  1. It Reduces Cost to Patients
    One of the biggest barriers to accessing mental health care is the cost of services, with the average cost ranging from $100 to $200 per session. By integrating behavioral health services at a primary care practice, the cost of services for a patient is similar to a typical doctor visit with insurance, making it more affordable to receive high-quality services while our Care Coordination team helps connect patients to insurance-friendly and/or affordable community resources when needed.

Patient Proof Point: “I received an email from a patient that said: “I just wanted to go ahead and give a quick little shout out to the evolvedMD Care Coordinator. She has been so helpful with me trying to find a psychiatrist that will take my insurance. I just wanted to tell you that she is really amazing and helpful and it's nice that she is so willing to help.” – Care Coordination Manager

  1. It Increases Patient Satisfaction
    Provider burnout results in worse patient outcomes and decreased satisfaction. Our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM significantly improves overall safety and quality of care, leading to decreased symptomology and return visits compared to traditional settings.

Patient Proof Point: “I have a patient who has a long history of trauma, anxiety, and depression. She was feeling down that all of these things were affecting her ability to be a good parent. We set her up with OP counseling and she reported to me yesterday that she is feeling much better. She is learning how to talk with her family and cope with her own emotions. She has hope for the future. She is more motivated to do things. I was overjoyed with her success. She expressed gratitude for OUR care, because we were there to get her connected.” – Behavioral Health Manager

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