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From One Therapist to Another: Reasons to Join evolvedMD Today

Mental health is a challenging field with the COVID-19 pandemic intensifying the pressure on therapists. Unfortunately, therapists working in traditional settings are experiencing burnout, losing passion for their life-changing work, and leaving the field in record numbers as they struggle to meet the increasing demands of their clients while managing their own personal lives.

At evolvedMD, we understand the need to put our people at the center of everything we do. Jaye Williams, VP of Operations + Finance, came to us after working on the administrative side of community mental health for over a decade and shared her thoughts through her unique lens:

It’s been remarkable to see a company like evolvedMD solve a growing problem with a fresh new perspective. What makes us truly unique besides is that we understand that every therapist has their own set of challenges, and we offer individualized support to help them overcome those challenges that traditional settings simply can’t offer.”

With this people-first focus, it’s clear why evolvedMD has been named a “Best Place to Work,” an honor our therapists rave about. Here are some of their stories.

Why you should join evolvedMD, according to our therapists:

Disrupt the State of Behavioral Health:

“We are shaking up the industry by embedding therapists in primary care practices and providing true collaborative care where we focus on the whole person - physical and mental health. We are increasing services to vulnerable populations while destigmatizing mental health and talking with a counselor.” – Jeff Ainsa, LCSW, Clinical Director

“evolvedMD is at the forefront of doing things radically different. I came from community mental health and repeatedly saw many issues: lack of access to care, high service costs, and poor collaboration, among others. evolvedMD provides patients access to behavioral health services in the doctor’s office they already visit and can receive high-quality mental health services quickly and at the same cost as their PCP.” – Leslie Stumpff, LCSW, Clinical Manager

“evolvedMD has galvanized my zeal for what I’m most passionate about: helping others. As the need for mental health professionals grows, evolvedMD’s collaborative approach allows patients to schedule their first appointment with a therapist on the same day with ease. This is truly innovative as most wait times are currently three months or more out.” – Zayro Jimenez, LAC, Behavioral Health Manager

Elevate Your Personal + Professional Growth:

“Before joining evolvedMD I had considered leaving the mental health field because I had not been able to find an organization that supports my professional goals and prioritizes work-life balance. evolvedMD’s unrelenting dedication to its people is authentic and delivered as promised. The growing family of support, guidance, and collaboration is what I envisioned starting out as a clinician and is what makes evolvedMD unlike any other company.” – Hillary Hansen, LMSW, Behavioral Health Manager

“I’ve had such a great experience working at evolvedMD to get my clinical hours. We get consistent supervision from a licensed professional to elevate our clinical skills and gain confidence in our ability to provide exceptional care. I did all this working part-time hours and passed my LCSW exam back in December!” – Kristy Geiszler, LCSW, Behavioral Health Manager

“Hands down, evolvedMD has been the place where I’ve learned the most as a clinician. I worked with my manager every week to obtain my LCSW and achieve my goal of becoming a clinical manager. I am so grateful that I now get to lead a team of eight amazing therapists and help them grow. Learning and growing together is what we do best.” – Alicia Shipman, LCSW, Clinical Manager

Leverage a True Collaborative Approach to Care:

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“evolvedMD establishes an environment where true comprehensive care is provided, supported, and nurtured. Getting to work with medical providers to address our patients’ whole health helps to decrease any stigma that mental health is in some way less important than physical health. At evolvedMD, mental health is health, and I’m proud to support our mission and vision.” – Debra Barnwell, LPC, Behavioral Health Manager

“With evolvedMD, I have been able to see firsthand how CoCM improves clinical outcomes by collaborating with key staff to address physical and mental health. Working closely with on-site providers, my care coordinator, and our psychiatric consultant, we’re better able to support my patients’ mental health needs.” – Molly Niemczyk, LMSW, Behavioral Health Manager

“Therapists working at evolvedMD will see a variety of diagnoses and acuity levels, enabling a full-spectrum of training that is bolstered by weekly supervision with both a licensed LCSW and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. You will have full access to any consultation needs, and you will be supported and nurtured as your mental health knowledge grows.” – Leah Bloomberg, Psychiatric Consultant

You’re the Hero:

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"Supported by our clinical managers and fellow teammates, we are constantly growing and learning new things that set us apart in the mental health field. This level of support empowers you to be hero people need during this unprecedented mental health crisis. Everyone at evolvedMD wants to see you shine and that is a great feeling.". – Melissa Astuto, LMSW, Behavioral Health Manager

"Working in medical clinics as a therapist provides a unique opportunity to see patients who do not have access to mental health services. In today's worsening mental health crisis, being there for support as a healing person will make a significant difference in the future. With evolvedMD, you can be part of that change.” – Pierre Araman, LAMFT, Behavioral Health Manager

“Unlike other mental health programs, at evolvedMD we can refer a patient to a specialty provider but still follow them and work with them on their mental health journey. At other locations once you refer out, you most likely will not see that patient again. You are the hero for following them through their mental health journey to living their best life.” – Rebecca Ann Duffy, LPC, Clinical Director

Prioritize Your Well-being First and Foremost:

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"If you are looking for a place that puts your self-care and worth as high as the patients, where taking care of yourself is just as important as being able to take care of your patient, then come join evolvedMD, where self-care isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of working. It’s about justifying why you need to be the priority, and how by taking care of ourselves, we can then take care of others." – Bradley Mallett, LPC, Clinical Manager

Want to take your career as a
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