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Burning Out and Losing Passion? Find Purpose with evolvedMD

By Rebecca Ann Duffy, LPC

Compassion fatigue. Resentment. Dread. Avoidance.

If this describes you, you are not alone and in fact, you are one of nearly half of psychotherapists reporting burnout. Once passionate and ready to serve, you may now be considering leaving the profession or already have for jobs that are more supportive, more enriching, and more impactful. As a clinical supervisor with over 10 years of experience in community mental health, I hear you, and I truly feel for you.

If you're longing for a new opportunity that won't burn you out and kill your passion, I'm glad you've found this piece. On the heels of securing $5.4 million in funding, evolvedMD, the leader in behavioral health integration in modern primary care, is rapidly growing and seeking committed clinicians like you to support our audacious ambition to reimagine behavioral health for all.

Radically different in how we invest in and treat our clinicians, it is my privilege to share how my diverse experience led me to join evolvedMD and it is my hope that you will join us so you can enjoy being a therapist once again.

We Provide Ample Opportunities to Elevate Your Skillset

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Many of our clinicians come to us with a former normal of heavy caseloads, unrealistic demands, and poor support. evolvedMD's unique approach creates an environment conducive to learning that puts your personal and professional development front and center from day one where your first week of training entails:

  • Learning the ins and outs of our enhanced Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM).
  • Learning to set intentional boundaries—with patients, practices, and yourself.
  • Learning to be confident in your skillsets and knowledge of behavioral health.
  • Building rapport with your collaborative care team.
  • Intentional time with executive leadership

And that’s just the beginning.

Once embedded in one of our value-aligned partner practices, you will receive one-on-one training, support, and clinical supervision from your clinical manager (either me or one of our six other expertly trained supervisors). With a strategic initiative to foster a culture of continuous professional development, evolvedMD provides the framework to level up not only clinically but as a curious professional.

We Remove Barriers So You Can Actually Perform Your Job


In traditional mental health settings, therapists are hindered and restrained by case management, care coordination, documentation, and other administrative duties that prevent them from doing what they do best—counseling their patients. evolvedMD removes these barriers with our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM model, truly making patient care a collaborative effort.

Our behavioral health specialists are at the center of our unique model as part of a collaborative team consisting of primary care providers, clinical supervisors, care coordinators, administrative support, and others. Each role possesses unique responsibilities that typically fall on therapists in traditional settings. Overburdened therapists’ risk being distracted during counseling sessions, feeling remorse for this distraction, leading to compassion fatigue and eventually burnout. As part of a collaborative care team, therapists can devote undivided attention to their patients' needs during each counseling session.

When you join evolvedMD, you have the space and support to focus on patient care.

We Give You the Time and Space to Practice Self-Care

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Traditional mental health settings often demand so much that burnout is a badge of honor leaving no time for self-care and wellness. But to provide the best patient experience and outcomes, shouldn’t we empower those on the frontline to care for themselves?

At evolvedMD, we believe good culture drives good business. That means giving you the time and space during the workday to practice self-care–however that looks to you. If you want to go on a walk, attend a yoga class, or volunteer, you can do so without questions.

Our investments speak for themselves, so much so that we reward quarterly bonuses for completing self-care activities. Many of our clinicians find this hard to believe when they first join us—often, they've been conditioned to not understand a fundamental in compassion: you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others. At evolvedMD, we'll give you the time and space to take care of yourself, but you must master setting intentional boundaries to take full advantage of the opportunity.

We Help You Connect to Passion Through Whole-Person Health


Every clinician will admit they entered the mental health field because they care immensely about helping people. However, in traditional mental health settings, therapists rarely get to see their patients through to recovery, often losing them to a referral and not knowing whether they're receiving the high-quality care they need. As a result, therapists feel they have failed their clients and steadily lose their passion for helping others.

evolvedMD's unique approach helps our therapists stay connected to that passion. How? Our enhanced Psychiatric CoCM model closes the loop on treatment, keeping patients in the care of one collaborative team so our clinicians can stay involved from beginning to end. In addition to supporting whole-person health from beginning to end, our clinicians can also share and transfer knowledge amongst their team to learn more about how physical and mental health are intertwined. This enables our therapists to better understand how to effectively treat the whole patient and stay on top of their treatment plan.

Join evolvedMD Today

As one of seven clinical managers at evolvedMD, I have the privilege of working with so many talented clinicians who weren't given the time, space, and support they needed to be their best selves—both personally and professionally—in their previous roles. If you're a therapist looking for true change, someone who wants to reconnect with their passion for helping others while feeling supported, I invite you to join us at evolvedMD. Alongside our compassionate leadership and management teams, I am committed to ensuring you will be given the time, space, and support you need to take your career as a therapist to the next level.

Submit your resume to or apply via our Careers page today.


Testimonials from evolvedMD's Frontline Therapists

"Professionally, evolvedMD's unique model adds to my zeal for the mental health field. Working collaboratively with the patient's PCP onsite at the practice is incredible. It closes the gap for miscommunication or failing the patient by being more efficient in meeting their needs." – Zayro Jiminez, LAC, Behavioral Health Manager

"evolvedMD is an amazing place to work, giving me space to grow personally and professionally. There has been so much support from my Clinical Manager and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. My Care Coordinator is amazing and handles the referrals, follows up with patients, and follows up with them to ensure they get what they need. It is a great system for the patients, many of whom would have never gotten service if our program wasn't in their PCP's office. I truly feel like I'm making a difference, and like I am valued as well." – Helene Zupanc, LPC, Behavioral Health Manager



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