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evolvedMD’s Dr. Ruth Nutting Publishes Latest Research on Physician Burnout and Mindfulness

As a people-centered organization, evolvedMD is not only committed to the well-being of our staff and patients but also the providers at the practices we serve. Like our behavioral health managers, primary care providers and those on the frontlines who feel supported will deliver higher-quality care to patients. That’s why we regularly promote self-care, work-life balance, and well-being initiatives for staff and providers.

Dr. Ruth Nutting, evolvedMD’s Director of Clinical Programs, is an expert on the subject. In collaboration with CFHA, alongside Erik Osland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, she recently offered her insights grounded in the latest academic research in a webinar about improving well-being for healthcare workers in the workplace. Adding to her ever-growing body of expertise, she recently published her latest piece of research about how practicing mindfulness can improve physicians’ health and well-being.

Give it a read to learn more about physician burnout and discover what Dr. Nutting and her colleagues learned from this study published via Peer-reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research (PRiMER).

PRiMER Dr. Nutting

Read the full study HERE.


Nutting R, Ofei-Dodoo S, Rose-Borcherding K, Strella G. Brief mindfulness intervention for emotional distress, resilience, and compassion in family physicians during COVID-19: a pilot study. PRiMER. 2022;6(3). doi:10.22454/PRiMER.2022.746202

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