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From Burnout to Balance: Why Therapists Should Work in Collaborative Care

By Jake Baczuk and Evan Sakrison

It’s no secret that mental health therapists like you are burning out at unprecedented rates. It’s so well-worn by now (here, here, and here) you’d think widespread reform would have happened by now.

But it hasn’t. The endless cycle of absorbing others’ traumas, facing institutional pressures, and debating whether to leave the profession, only to be met by a flurry of news articles retelling our plight with no sign of change is almost expected at this point. It’s equal parts exhausting and discouraging, and unfortunately all too common whether you work in private practice or community mental health.

Why Private Practice and Community Mental Health Don’t Cut It

Private practice and community mental health settings offer certain advantages, but their disadvantages amplify burnout. The heavy caseloads, administrative burden, working in isolation, limited resources, and little-to-no opportunity for continuous professional development impede therapists from delivering exceptional care while also caring for themselves.

On the other hand, collaborative care settings offer what therapists truly need: a healthy work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and a supportive environment that prioritizes their wellbeing. Here’s how I know:

My Introduction to Collaborative Care with evolvedMD

As a therapist on the brink of burnout, I couldn’t wait for change to happen, so I sought something new. I interviewed with a recruiter at evolvedMD to help me understand a role they pitched as being radically different. I was floored by how much focus was put on taking care of the therapist (self-care bonuses, ample amounts of training, and more). I thought it was too good to be true but agreed to a second interview with a Clinical Manager named Jeff Ainsa. I even told him, “This is too good to be true.” He said he’d clear things up with one more phone call.

That call came from evolvedMD Co-CEO Erik Osland. He seemed genuinely happy to talk to me, told me why he started evolvedMD, and addressed all my concerns. He said that he and Co-CEO, Steve Biljan, had built the company for one major reason: retaining therapists by eliminating burnout. Everything was set up for the therapist to be successful, but he made one thing clear, “You have to actually do it.” The message was, you must do your self-care activities, you have to leave your computer at work, you have to be the one to walk out of your office at 5:00 PM and not look back.

Two years later I haven’t looked back.

The Benefits of Working in Collaborative Care

image007 (1)Jake Baczuk, Clinical Manager and Alexandra Nitchman, Behavioral Health Manager

evolvedMD’s unique Collaborative Care model leads to a more sustainable and fulfilling way to practice therapy. Here’s how:

  • True Collaboration: Collaborative care involves a team of PCPs, Clinical Supervisors, Psychiatric Consultants, and Care Coordinators to deliver comprehensive care—both physical and mental health. As the mental health expert on this team, you strictly focus on delivering high-quality therapy to patients—that’s it.
  • Work-Life Balance: With manageable caseloads and a collaborative team at your side, you can enjoy life outside of work—not catching up on notes at home or preparing for the demands of tomorrow. It is an expectation that your laptop stays at work so you can be present at home.
  • Professional Development: Weekly supervision is provided within the organization for those of us that are on our way to getting our independent licenses. For those of us that are licensed you have a clinical manager that will continue to provide supervision each week to continue to staff cases and develop as a professional.
  • Preserving Passion: Therapists aim to make a difference, but traditional settings can drain your passion. Collaborative care allows you to make a meaningful difference without sacrificing your well-being. Everyone on the team works in their lane, giving you the opportunity to do what you love, and that’s giving quality therapy to your patients!

Why You Should Join evolvedMD Today

  • Transparent Schedules and Pay: Our 45/15 schedule deliver manageable caseloads and a consistent schedule. It also provides flexibility for the clinician to build their day the way that works best for them.
  • No On-Call, Weekends, or Holidays: We mean it. You will work 8 am-5 pm. Not before, not after, and not during lunch.
  • Clinical Supervision: Managed by a Clinical Manager, you get access to free expertise and knowledge through weekly supervision—at no cost to you. Hours count towards licensure.
  • Professional Development Tools: Access to Clinical Manager, Director of Training + Curriculum, Psych Hub, CEU opportunities, and more – all paid for.
  • We’re a Best Place to Work: And we strive to keep it that way.

If you're a therapist feeling the strains of burnout, know that there is another way. Join us in redefining the landscape of mental health care. Don't just make a difference, thrive while doing it.

Apply to join evolvedMD today.


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