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SLC-based “Best Family Practice Clinic 2021” Integrating Behavioral Health Services

Salt Lake City – September 13, 2021 – Foothill Family Clinic, recently named Best Family Practice Clinic 2021 by Salt Lake City Weekly, announces their commitment to whole-patient care through a new partnership with evolvedMD to integrate behavioral health into their modern primary care practices. This
partnership will allow patients to receive behavioral health services at Foothill Family Clinic’s Cottonwood Height’s location in Salt Lake County beginning in Fall 2021.

“Our patients always come first,” said Dr. Thomas Conner, Member of Foothill Family Clinic. “But what does putting your patients first really mean? It means investing in the resources and programs that are proven to be demonstrably effective in improving access to quality mental health care. When taking all measures into account, Utah currently ranks 4th worst in the country for access to mental health according to Mental Health America. Through this partnership, we have a lifechanging opportunity to provide much-needed behavioral health solutions to Utahns who are struggling.”

In addition to ranking 4th worst in the country for access to mental health, Mental Health America also reported that Utah had the highest prevalence of adults with mental illness (25.25%) and adults with serious thoughts of suicide (6.47%), demonstrating the need for increased access to mental health care

“We’ve made incredible strides to bring our unique and clinically validated model of collaborative care to primary care practices in the Salt Lake City area,” said Erik Osland, Managing Partner of evolvedMD. “Foothill Family Clinic’s commitment to putting patients and their families first aligns with evolvedMD’s people-centered culture and mission. We’re thrilled to collaborate with its providers to drive improved patient outcomes and to change the narrative around access to quality mental health care in Utah.”

This partnership further establishes Foothill Family Clinic and evolvedMD as market leaders in providing comprehensive care at a time when many Utahns are seeking help. To learn more and for media inquiries, please contact Sentari Minor at

About Foothill Family Clinic
Foothill Family Clinic has been a part of the Salt Lake Medical Community since 1976. From two primary care providers, Foothill Family Clinic has expanded to a current staff of 24 primary care physicians, eight physician assistants, three nurse practitioners, a neurologist, and a podiatrist. Today, Foothill Family Clinic has three well-equipped facilities, each with its own lab and radiology departments, and have been named the BEST FAMILY PRACTICE in Utah.

About evolvedMD
Launched in 2017, evolvedMD is leading the integration of behavioral health services in modern primary care. Uniquely upfront and ongoing, our distinctive model places behavioral health specialists onsite within a practice. evolvedMD offers an economically viable and better way to integrate behavioral health that ultimately drives improved patient outcomes.

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