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Above and Beyond: evolvedMD’s 2023 Year In Review

By Erik Osland, Co-CEO + Chief Development Officer

With a staggering two-in-five Americans grappling with mental illness, evolvedMD didn’t just make promises in 2023—we delivered meaningful results to rewrite the narrative that’s dominated headlines since the pandemic began.

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to the unstoppable forces behind our mission: Team evolvedMD, our primary care partners, investors, vendors, and advisors. We are in awe of the profound impact you’ve made in every corner of our organization and the communities we serve. Thanks to you, more patients and their families have the lifeline they’ve long waited for to live happier, healthier lives.

Don’t believe us? Let’s dive into our most ambitious year yet:

In 2023, evolvedMD Reached Unprecedented Heights

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Patients Served – In 2023, our reach touched the lives of nearly 21,000 patients and their families. This is 21,000 people who either did not have access to affordable mental health care or felt discouraged to seek help due to stigma around mental health. Instead, we turned their journeys of struggle into stories of triumph.

Team Growth – Our rapid growth isn’t about numbers; it’s about meeting patients’ needs in a time of crisis. From licensed therapists to administration to executive leadership, all 83 new hires joined evolvedMD knowing the current state of healthcare wasn’t cutting it.

Rising Stars – Committed to growing our people personally and professionally, we promoted 14 employees to elevated roles to recognize their passion, expertise, and impact that ultimately drive our mission forward.

New Partners – Leading primary care practices are first and foremost committed to meeting their patients’ evolving needs. This year, evolvedMD partnered with eight primary care groups to deliver tailored and impactful solutions that address whole-patient health.

New Clinics – Each new clinic is a doorway to progress. In 2023, 62 clinics swung their doors open to offer accessible, affordable, high-quality care at the primary care practice their patients trust most.

The Top Five Wins Across Departments (In No Particular Order)

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  1. Clinical Services; Why This Is Important: We are reaching more people, addressing their unique needs, and making a positive difference in the lives of those who once lost hope.

  2. Sales; Why This Is Important: One state at a time, we are creating a more inclusive and supportive healthcare landscape by meeting the unique needs of diverse communities nationwide.

  3. People + Culture; Why This Is Important: Each interview represents an opportunity to welcome passionate individuals who embody evolvedMD’s values. The resulting growth is a testament to our expanding impact.

  4. Marketing + Strategy; Why This Is Important: Every award and press mention amplify our impact. It confidently says, “We are trailblazers who have set a new standard for both the behavioral health professionals we employ and the communities we serve.”

  5. Quality + Compliance; Why This Is Important: In our home state of Arizona, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System’s (AHCCCS) Targeted Investments (TI) program stands as a rare opportunity to accelerate behavioral health integration in primary care. evolvedMD is the leading the way and helping primary care practices apply for grant money to bring transformational services to more patients.

How You Can Help Drive Our Mission Forward in 2024:

Share – Let your network know that there’s a proven solution for America’s harrowing mental health crisis, and it starts with evolvedMD.

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Join – If you’re a mental health therapist looking to elevate your impact, join evolvedMD. As the best developer of integrated clinicians, we would love to connect and help you take your career to the next level.

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Partner – If you’re a primary care provider, partner with us to meet your patients’ unique needs.

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Celebrate – Every success story matters, including yours. If you’re a patient, provider, or anyone else touched by evolvedMD’s transformative work, share your experiences, testimonials, and insights with us. Your story is truly what drives our mission forward.

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In 2024, our mission continues with even greater urgency—patients depend on us, and we are confident that, together, we will rise to meet their needs with the same passion and commitment that defined our journey in 2023.


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