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Eight Self-Care Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday

We know that while joyous and rejuvenating, the start of the holiday season can also mean the start of anxiety and exhaustion if not managed properly. This scenario is all too common (and likely happening as you read this): It’s the day before Thanksgiving, you’re preparing everyone’s favorite foods, getting your house in order to welcome guests, figuring out gift lists for loved ones, trying to keep everyone happy and smiling, all while wondering how you’ll manage it all without breaking.

We’ve all been there – it’s called being human during the holidays (and perhaps we just pitched Hallmark for a new movie this season).

Making time for self-care is key to staving off holiday stress. At evolvedMD, we’ve ingrained self-care into our culture so our people feel supported and can show up to work as their best selves. Practicing self-care is just as important outside of work, so we’ve put together this blog with special tips from the evolvedMD leadership team. From sharing moments of gratitude to cooking to pre-Thanksgiving dinner exercise, check out the tips below to source inspiration and help manage your holiday stress.

Steve Biljan | Co-CEO + Chief Operating Officer


“I like to get in a quick run before dinner to enjoy an outlet from my normal thoughts and a break from the chaos happening in the kitchen. Then after a shower, I’m right back in the action of one of my favorite self-care activities: cooking and spending time with my partner.”

Emily Bofetta | Vice President of Quality + Compliance


Enjoy all of your favorite foods without any shame or guilt! The holidays can be stressful enough without any added pressure to not over-indulge. Go for it! You can get back on track with your health goals the next day.  

Sarah Hanchett | Vice President of Clinical Services


“Being in Arizona means that we always set up Thanksgiving tables outside. It is so great to sit outside in the fresh air, reflect and share what we are each thankful for and, of course, EAT! We have a new tradition of a ping pong tournament and a few rounds of party ping pong that gets everyone running madly around the table. Laughter after a big meal is the best!”

Vanessa Hinkle | Vice President of People + Culture


"Thanksgiving can get pretty hectic. For the items on your to-do list, whatever amount of time you've allotted for them, add 40% more time. At the same time, I've read some great articles about setting realistic expectations for yourself and the keen importance of giving yourself time to procrastinate and do nothing. Believe it or not, it positively impacts creativity."


Kim Ho | Vice President of Sales


“Last year I took the day off before Thanksgiving to go on a hike with friends! Also, to counter all the carbs and rich foods, my family usually includes a big salad and lots of vegetable sides for the big din.”

Sentari Minor | Vice President of Strategy + Chief of Staff


“In preparation to eat the most in a single meal all year, I try to do an extended gym session before Thanksgiving dinner and then make sure to stay active throughout the day. And since the day is always filled with a bit of anxiety, I make sure to check in with myself and set boundaries as needed while enjoying the fun of friends and family.”

Erik Osland | Co-CEO + Chief Development Officer


“Always a mini-Turkey Bowl with the kids in the background after dinner. Work up a sweat (and roll an ankle) with some fun nerf football or a soccer match in the backyard… Then full food coma.”

Jaye Williams | Vice President of Commercial Operations


“Avoid politically charged conversations during Thanksgiving festivities. Turn off the news so you can focus on the present, hang out with family, and tune into the positive.”


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