21 Self-Care Ideas from the evolvedMD Team

In today’s fast-paced world where 24 hours in a day never seems like enough, it’s more important now than ever to carve out time for self-care. At evolvedMD, we pride ourselves on running a values-driven, people-centered organization, and that means ensuring our people are happy and healthy. Creating a culture of self-care is critical to our overall mission, so much so that we reward employees with quarterly bonuses for completing self-care activities. 

Today, we’d like to share some of their favorite self-care activities. Check them out below to get some ideas for your own self-care routine! 

Dr. Christina Abby | Director of Training + Curriculum

Self-care tip: "My self-care includes reading and exchanging books with my mom and my favorite cousins so that we can chat about them afterwards. I also have my go-to types of series or movies that I enjoy watching with my husband. I also enjoy cleaning. I do my best thinking while I'm zoned out and cleaning, and the finished product gives you an amazing smelling and nicely decorated area to spend even more relaxation time in!"

Jeff Ainsa | Clinical Director 

Self-care tip: "Making time to go out with friends and laugh without staring at phones. Or spending time away from screens with family and playing a board game."

Pierre Araman | Program Manager

Self-care tip: "Being in the sun and tree bathing, going to the gym, quality time with loved ones, and eating favorite comfort foods!"

Jenn Briones | IT Manager

Self-care tip: "Snuggle a puppy! Or nine... I have nine so that is usually my go-to.” 


Michelle Eliseo | Senior Recruitment Specialist 

Self-care tip: "I love candles (especially the smell of coffee and chocolate!), so being able to smell my favorite scents brings me joy." 

Sarah Hanchett Vice President of Clinical Services 

Self-care tip: "Get creative! Draw, craft, paint, color... let the creative juices flow!"

Robyn Harvey | Care Coordinator Manager

Self-care tip: "Practice gratitude. Start each day with three things you are thankful for. Redirect negative thinking towards positive thoughts by slowing down and enjoying the simple things."

Kim Ho Vice President of Sales 

Self-care tip: "Reading, face masks, and tea! Maybe all at once!"

Zayro Jimenez | Behavioral Health Manager

Self-care tip: "For me, its running or recently studying French."

Lydia Jones | Training Manager 

Self-care tip: "Manicure/pedicure, grabbing an iced coffee and walking around Target, peloton ride, baking."


Maddie Jones | Senior Project Manager

Self-care tip: "I love starting or ending my day with a calming walk, listening to my favorite podcast or sounds of meditation." 

Lisseth Lopez | Behavioral Health Manager 

Self-care tip: "I like to get facials or massages, dinner with friends, working out, or watching teen love movies - so innocent and cheesy." 

Bradley Mallett | Clinical Manager 

Self-care tip: "For my self care, I like to remind myself to take a breath and remember that what is happening in this moment can wait. I do this by putting my phone down, turning away from what I am doing, and taking a slow breath to remind myself, this too can wait, and it's okay that it is not done in the next 60 seconds. When I engage in this, it helps me to remember that it is NOT a crisis, and we will get things taken care of. This then takes my stress level down a lot!" 

Sentari Minor | Vice President of Strategy + Chief of Staff

Self-care tip: "Daily walks while listening to podcast or watching clips from Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, or VEEP. Watching full episodes of Gilmore Girls. Treating myself to a movie (or two) during the week. Also, crushing cardio at the gym and working out. Poetry writing sprints. Driving through South Mountain." 


Evan Sakrison | Senior Marketing + Communications Specialist 

Self-care tip: "At least once a week, I throw on a record and just dance, jump, headbang, or whatever I'm feeling to get out any negative energy. Sometimes, I'll even leave the blinds open. I feel more comfortable with myself if people can see my awkward dance moves, and thus not give a care in the world."

Jill Scalia | Talent Acquisition Manager

Self-care tip: "I enjoy getting up before anyone else in the house is up, when it seems like the whole world is still asleep. The ritual of making coffee wakes me up, and then I spend time in the quiet reading a good book, meditating, or journaling." 

Alicia Shipman | Clinical Manager 

Self-care tip: "Joyful movement. Sometimes I just need to put on good music and dance with my kids. Anything with movement that creates joy is the best self-care for me!" 

Joy Simon | Care Coordinator Manager 

Self-care tip: "Taking a drive with my favorite music on and singing really loud like I'm putting on a concert, and also creating my shirts/cups using my Cricut machine and being creative." 

Leslie Stumpff Clinical Director

Self-care tip: "Comedy. I need a good laugh for self-care and distraction. Keep it light, can't help but smile when you are laughing right." 

Anna Thomas | Account Manager

Self-care tip: "I love making the time for a morning or evening walk. I have a friend who lives in my neighborhood where we have made a weekly walk tradition to catch up and get outdoors. I also have been on a reading kick again and use Goodreads to connect with friends on what we are all actively reading." 

Tyler Yerkovich | Project Manager

Self-care tip: "Embracing tranquility is my go-to self-care ritual. Disconnecting from outside influences involves immersing myself in nature, stowing my phone in my backpack, and relishing the freedom from the constant digital hum. Prioritizing the well-being of both mind and body, I carve out moments to simply sit, absorb, and appreciate mother earth."





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