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Prioritizing You: Six Ways evolvedMD Meets Patients’ Unique Needs

Erik Osland, Co-CEO + Chief Development Officer

Let’s talk about your health – not as a generic concept, but as something that’s uniquely yours.  Like a fingerprint, your health is one-of-a-kind. But if your health is unique, why doesn’t modern healthcare treat it that way?  

My family witnessed the repercussions of this approach firsthand. 

My Personal Stake In Your Healthcare Journey 

The healthcare system as we know it failed to acknowledge my chronically ill father’s unique needs. Our family dealt with routine doctor visits, endless phone calls, and the financial strain of spending over $1,000 per month on medications (even on Medicare). My father eventually passed from his illness in 2018.  

His story fueled my desire to disrupt the broken system and address patients’ unique needs. Thinking the solution was in pharmaceuticals, Steve Biljan and I founded a medication management company that integrated pharmacists into primary care. But during a pilot program at a Phoenix-based practice, we realized these patients were suffering from depression and other mental health symptoms.  

Our a-ha moment was focusing on managing each patient’s whole health. So, we decided to integrate mental health therapists instead of pharmacists. evolvedMD was born. 

Since 2017, evolvedMD has treated thousands of patients like you at their preferred primary care practice. Besides our innovative approach, what truly sets evolvedMD apart is recognizing, understanding, and addressing your unique, evolving needs.  

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Six Ways evolvedMD Will Meet Your Unique Needs 

Across Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, we staff licensed mental health therapists at primary care practices like yours to meet your unique, evolving needs.  Here’s our commitment to you and all patients we serve: 



Feel Heard, Respected, and Cared For

The problem patients face – In traditional settings, patients often feel like a number rather than a living, breathing person. The one-size-fits-all approach leaves them feeling unheard and uncared for, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. 

evolvedMD’s solution – Our approach begins and ends with active listening. This ensures you feel heard, respected, and cared for every step of the way on the path to healing.

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Receive Comprehensive, High-Quality Care

The problem patients face – Traditional healthcare often treats isolated symptoms or conditions. This leads to fragmented care that ignores the relationship between physical and mental health.  

evolvedMD’s solution – Our approach treats the whole you, physical and mental health. Tackling each at the same time leads to a healthier, happier you in less time. 



Receive Culturally Competent Care

The problem patients face – We all come from diverse backgrounds. That’s why one-size-fits-all solutions foster misunderstandings and lack of trust, leaving patients feeling disconnected. 

evolvedMD’s solution – We understand how diverse upbringings and cultural factors impact health. Our services respect and address your unique experiences to craft a care plan that best meets your needs.


Get the Care You Need Onsite and In-Person

The problem patients face – When physical and mental health aren’t integrated in one setting, patients find it challenging to receive timely care.  

evolvedMD’s solution – You get the care you need under one roof. No community referrals, driving across town to make appointments, or juggling bills from numerous healthcare providers. 




Collaborative Decision-Making

The problem patients face – Decisions are often made by healthcare professionals without actively involving their patients. Poor alignment between treatment plans and patients’ preferences, values, and goals results in dissatisfaction and worse outcomes. 

evolvedMD’s solution – We don’t leave you, or your health, in the dark. Our approach empowers you to actively participate in crafting your care plan with your doctor and therapist.  

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Easier to Navigate and Understand

The problem patients face – Navigating our healthcare system is needlessly complex, especially trying to understand healthcare coverage and bills. 

evolvedMD’s solution – With health insurance, you will pay the same copay to see one of our therapists as you would your doctor. One bill, no confusion. 

Your health is unique, and it’s about time it’s treated that way. At evolvedMD, our commitment is not just to reimagine behavioral health but to make personalized care the standard, not the exception. 

Make an appointment with your doctor today and talk to them about receiving onsite mental health care. If we aren’t at your preferred practice, we are entering new clinics all the time and encourage you to stay hopeful. To find out more and learn how your doctor can partner with evolvedMD, contact us at 


About Erik: Corporate leader turned serial entrepreneur, Erik Osland is a successful healthcare founder and now Co-CEO of evolvedMD where he helms a passionate team at the forefront of healthcare innovation. In his role, Erik is responsible for enhancing the customer experience, developing a high-performing team, and elevating the integrated behavioral health industry through thought leadership. Prior to evolvedMD, Erik founded another healthcare venture, a clinical lab specializing in anatomical pathology services that was ultimately acquired by one of the nation’s largest diagnostic laboratories in 2020. With an extensive and proven background in B2B sales, management, and influencing high-level leaders, Erik gained national exposure and experience managing teams as the Director of National Accounts at several large medical device companies. When he is not in the office, in the board room, or on the green, you can find him with his wife Brooke and two children, Perry and March, at their home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.


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