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An Open Letter to Our Current and Future Partners: The Kids Are Not Alright

evolvedMD’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Erik Osland, recently penned a note to our current partners and collaborators addressing our current pediatric mental health crisis. Below you will find that open letter which highlights the harrowing reality and what evolvedMD is doing to help solve it.

Good afternoon evolvedMD partners,

As you’ve undoubtedly seen in your practices and have heard from your providers: the kids are NOT alright…

Whether working directly with the pediatric population or hearing from parents, it’s become alarmingly clear that our children are suffering. The cause for concern is so harrowing that earlier this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Children's Hospital Association declared a national emergency in children's mental health.  At evolvedMD, we are thankful that stories like these are pushing mental health for children to the forefront and driving a national focus for increasing access to services.

As a father of two, this issue hits close to home as I think of the challenges my son and daughter have faced growing up and will continue to face in adolescence – but we are fortunate to have the means and the know-how to get them the help they need, when they need it. But the data is showing us definitively that, unfortunately, not everyone has access with over 60% of youth with major depression not receiving any mental health treatment. That’s where our collaboration can truly make an impact.

Recently I penned a post coinciding with the launch of our pediatric program at Granger Medical Clinic in Salt Lake City that outlines how Collaborative Care is uniquely positioned to address the growing need for pediatric behavioral health services: Addressing the Pediatric Mental Health Crisis with Collaborative Care. I recommend you read, read again, and share with your providers and reflect that the time to expand services to support younger populations, is now.  We closed out the piece with “As we continue to rapidly expand our services nationwide, our goal is to launch more integrated pediatric behavioral health programs with our current partners at their sites and new partners throughout the country.

We look forward to making a tremendous impact on pediatric mental health that ultimately makes families happier and healthier.”  Thank you for your ongoing partnership and collaboration, please let us know how we may provide additional support or resources.

Be well and hug your kids. -e

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