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Mobilizing Toward Health Equity at Integrated Care Conference

Drs. Neftali Serrano and Ruth Nutting

Both the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA) and evolvedMD subscribe to collaborative care as the best way to help meet the biopsychosocial needs of people all over the country. While many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of collaborative care on improving access to behavioral health services, issues remain for much of the population.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed a harsh spotlight on inequality including, but not limited to, the stark differences in health outcomes for varying racial and ethnic groups. In 1999, the Office of the Surgeon General published a report titled A Supplement to Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General detailing the disheartening reality for many minoritized communities. It highlighted that racial and ethnic minorities have less access to mental health services than whites and are less likely to receive needed care. The report also noted that these minoritized groups are more likely to receive poor-quality care. Finally, many studies, including longitudinal research, show that children of low socio-economic status experience higher rates of parent-reported mental health problems and higher rates of unmet mental health needs. Not to mention, these stressors can lead to many common health and behavioral health issues later in life. A CDC-Kaiser Adverse Childhood Experiences study found that adults with an ACE score of 4 or higher were at greater risk for physical and mental health issues later in life.

Mental health disparities for the minoritized and marginalized population remain prevalent today. Thus, the theme for this year’s Integrated Care Conference by the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association and its Canadian sister organization, SharedCare, will zero in on the current state of inequality and how to address health and social inequities.


Why Gatherings Like This Are Important (Especially Now)

Conferences have always served as an open space for sharing knowledge and fostering new ideas. In many cases, they are also a place for people to learn beyond their scope of knowledge and industry altogether. This year’s Integrated Care Conference is no different.

Health is a fundamental human right that’s relevant to us all. Our individual attitudes and actions collectively can make a significant impact on ensuring everyone who needs access to high-quality health services can receive it regardless of who they are, what they look like, or what socio-economic position they’re in. As healthcare professionals and allies, we understand there are no easy answers to the issues at hand, and with healthcare constantly evolving, this conference will allow us to get ahead of and respond to trends with patient-first solutions. Conferences like the Integrated Care Conference 2021 provide a building opportunity that will enable us as leaders, in our respective professions, to work towards an equitable, just, and empowering healthcare system.

Desired Outcomes of Integrated Care Conference 2021

Not only will the Integrated Care Conference 2021 allow us to share knowledge and exchange ideas, but it will also give us a platform to provide actionable steps for bringing equitable healthcare to all. With over 80 sessions, Continuing Education opportunities, and ample networking time with changemakers across the industry, we’re confident that both attendees and presenters alike will walk away better equipped to address systemic racial and socioeconomic inequities in healthcare.

Ultimately, desired outcomes of this year’s Integrated Care Conference include:

      • Optimizing health equity and experiences for diverse populations.
      • Increasing understanding of integrated care for improved healthcare access and patient outcomes.
      • Enhancing education for both health professionals and allies alike to create meaningful change.

Impact of Attendance

In addition to enhancing both your personal and professional development, your attendance at the Integrated Care Conference 2021 helps organizations like CFHA, SharedCare, evolvedMD, and others maximize their impact within the integrated healthcare spectrum. Reimagining the patient experience so that we can meet everyone’s needs is core to our profession, and we believe your attendance can also inspire your organizations to make meaningful change and better serve patients from diverse populations. By harnessing our expertise, our collective efforts will empower other leaders in our industry to do the same.

For evolvedMD, we are proud to serve and support as we believe in the power of collaboration. As an organization at the forefront of behavioral health integration in modern primary we, we welcome opportunities to work alongside and closely with innovators in this space. For us, CFHA and this conference represents an opportunity to seize a special moment in our country and in our industry to reduce stigma and increase access to quality care for all.

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