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Milestones and Celebrations: A Year of Impact with evolvedMD

2021 challenged and stretched us in ways we never knew possible, giving us the opportunity to adapt and embrace resiliency. As the pandemic continues, the world continues to adjust – changing the ways we work, live, and play. evolvedMD is no different, adapting and embracing a unique challenge of its own: maintaining culture and excellence through rapid growth and constant change.

With that, we wanted to reflect and share with you what evolvedMD has been up to as we wrap up the year and gear up for 2022. From adding high-impact leaders to our executive team to implementing our services across more than a dozen sites and other critical milestones, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished this year and hope it inspires your team to take action and reach new milestones of your own.

We celebrated numerous company milestones across several key areas:

Stevies_Award Winners (2)

Clinical Programs (Dr. Ruth Nutting)
- LAUNCHED pediatric program to address the mental health challenges facing children nationwide.

- ENHANCED clinical training to include Childhood Experiences, Motivational Interviewing, and the Behavioral Management of Common Chronic Illnesses to better equip our therapists to support our patients.

People (Charlene Wong)
- REACHED 50 full time employees with more than 30 onboarded in 2021, deepening the pool of professionals dedicated to integrated behavioral health.

- PROMOTED seven people, highlighting our commitment to professional development and growth.

Marketing (Sentari Minor)
- LAUNCHED full rebrand, modernizing our visuals and messaging to effectively articulate our mission and model in partnership with Ideas Collide.

- HIT 1,000+ followers on LinkedIn, growing our base of champions and expanding our platform to deliver timely and topical content and thought leadership.

Strategy (Sentari Minor)
- IMPLEMENTED first corporate agenda and strategic plan to move from a scrappy startup to a company at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

- DEVELOPED intentional framework for scale and strategy to grow in both people and practices, effectively and successfully.

Sales (Kim Ho)
- EXPANDED beyond our borders to our first out of state market, Utah, to deliver our transformational services to a state with the greatest need.

- IMPLEMENTED 15 new sites, including six in Utah, allowing us to reach more people where they are, when they need us. See below to learn more about out our recent collaborations:

evolvedMD + Granger Medical Clinic + Ogden Clinic
evolvedMD + HonorHealth
evolvedMD + Granger Medical Clinic (Pediatric Program launch)
evolvedMD + Apricus Health

We welcomed five new high-impact leaders to the executive team:

Kim Ho_Leadership Photo-2

Kim Ho
Director of Sales 


Dr. Ruth Nutting Director of
Clinical Programs


Charlene Wong Director of People 


Doris Huang
Director of Customer Success


Jaye Williams
Director of Operations

See the official announcements for Kim and Ruth, Charlene, and Doris and Jaye to learn more about them and their roles in guiding evolvedMD as the market leader in behavioral health integration.

We recorded six webinars and podcasts around a variety of important topics central to our business:

Screenshot 2021-12-20 102134

Is Building Culture That Important in the Early Days of a Startup?

- Erik Osland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, talks about evolvedMD’s unique approach that includes focusing on people and putting culture at the forefront on The Health Innovators Show.

Mental Health and Growing a B2B Company

- Erik Osland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, and Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, discuss how evolvedMD is scaling to expand our transformative behavioral health services and why taking care of our mental health is the secret to growth.

Igniting Change: New Pathways for Greater Mental Health Access

- Steve Biljan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, discusses the current state of mental health and evolvedMD’s innovative approach—as well technology’s role—to addressing the crisis.

Wellness in the Workplace

- Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, discusses how employers can help mitigate their employees’ stress levels and empower a culture of wellness.

Stronger Together: Strategies to Support Employee Mental Health + Wellbeing

- Steve Biljan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, contributes to a topical, timely, and robust conversation with MJ Insurance about mental health in the workplace.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

- Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, discusses marrying behavioral health practitioners with traditional family practices, how COVID-19 is impacting Valley businesses, community involvement, and more.


The executive team penned and contributed to a handful of thought-provoking pieces to inspire, motivate, and drive clarity for the sector and for leaders at large:

Strat Mkt Team

In the behavioral health industry, good culture drives good business. We’re proof.

- Erik Osland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, discusses how fortifying the health of our employees improves overall patient care.

evolvedMD Reacts to the Harrowing State of Mental Health in America 2022

- The evolvedMD leadership team share their personal thoughts and reactions to findings from Mental Health America’s latest report on the state of mental health.

Easing Workplace Stress: Cultivating a Culture of Care and Wellness

- Charlene Wong, Director of People, shares her experience building people-centered cultures and her tips for company leaders seeking to cultivate a workplace around care.

Mission Critical: Four Ways to Connect Employees to Impact

- Kim Ho, Director of Sales, delivers actionable tips on how to create internal excitement and connect your employees to your company’s mission.

Practical Approaches to Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

- Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, discusses how companies can foster diversity and inclusion to create a more dynamic workforce.

4 Ways to Change the Narrative Around Self-Care

- Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, highlights the need to make self-care accessible to everyone along with practical approaches to taking care of your own mental health.

The Kids Are Not Alright

- Erik Osland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, pens a note to evolvedMD’s current partners and collaborators addressing the current youth mental health crisis, coinciding with our launch of our innovative pediatric behavioral health integration program in Utah.

9 Employer Branding Strategies to Effectively Tell Your Company Story – Hireology

- Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, explains why hiring teams should lean into storytelling by leveraging the stories of employees and how they embrace company culture.

What Medicare Expansion Would Mean for Equitable Mental Health Services

- Dr. Ruth Nutting, Director of Clinical Programs and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, shares what Medicare expansion would mean for MFTs, older adults, and equitable access to mental health services.

Developing Underserved Entrepreneurs: A Culturally Competent Approach to Coaching & Mentoring

- Sentari Minor shares his thoughts on the power of mentoring and coaching for burgeoning business owners with particular focus on minoritized entrepreneurs.

We led a self-care campaign for the evolvedMD community – both internal and external:

evolvedMD’s self-care culture is not only encouraged, its ingrained and incentivized. Leveraging storytelling with best practices, we conceptualized a fun campaign for our team and our community to put themselves first during the holidays.

12 Days of Self-Care_Poster (1)

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