what we do

leading the integration of behavioral health services in primary care

Our Mission

Deliver Best-in-Class Patient Care and Outcomes

Unfortunately, care for behavioral health conditions is often hard to come by and affected by stigma. We aspire to provide an engaging patient experience grounded in evidence-based best practices.There's no substitution for your patients receiving the best care.


02. Deliver a Financially Viable Integration Model 

Payment mechanisms for delivering behavioral health services in primary care have historically been non-existent and operating all of the components of an integrated model can be resource-intensive. We take care of all of those "little" procedural details that can take a program from treading water to profitable, while keeping practice leaders focused on providing physical care and managing their core business.


03. Work Seamlessly With Your Providers and Staff

We take our role as acting as an extension of you and your practice seriously. The patients whose behavioral health conditions that we serve are, after all, your practice's patients. We ensure our behavioral health specialist has the specific skills and training to address your patient population and acts as part of your team.

Comprehensive program development, implemenation, and management.


Program Management

We assess practices for the integration model most appropriate to them, and we then implement, manage, and continuously improve this model.

Patient Engagement

We identify patients at high-risk for behavioral health challenges and inform them on their options to access care.

People Management

We recruit, hire, train, manage, and review all types of behavioral health specialists.

Referral Network

We build referral networks that maximize patient adherence and minimize administrative burdens.

Psychiatric Consultants

We identify, contract with, and manage psychiatric providers for delivering Collaborative Care services.


We work with insurers and payors to meet their individual requirements and gain contractual reimbursement.


We ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies and stay on top of the rapidly changing behavioral health landscape.

Population Health

We track a range of physical and behavioral metrics and perform a variety of analytics to deliver improved population health outcomes.